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Book Review: Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories

*Thank you so much to Groundwood Books for sending me a copy of this amazing book!!

Title: Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories

Author: Caroline Adderson

Publisher: Groundwood Books

Book Category: Chapter Book

Age Group: 9+

Themes: Community, Family, Covid, Friendship, Family, Inclusion, Intersectionality, Identity, Teamwork


This chapter book centers the lives of diverse set of individuals and their families as they navigate the many different experiences the Covid-19 pandemic has brought on. Each chapter, set in a different apartment unit lets readers into the lives of the people living within. Readers are given space to affirm their own experiences as well as expand and think critically about other's experiences. A very important and responsive book.


This is a powerful and compelling book that captures the complex and intersectional experiences of the pandemic through children and young people's perspectives. It centers the many individual experiences as well as how they fit into the collective local, broader and global experience of the pandemic. Each chapter shares an individual story of an individual or a family from the children's perspective. We as readers want to learn more as the character shares how they navigate the pandemic and the changes they are experiencing. All stories are different and can stand alone but also connect to the others since all characters live in the same apartment building in an Urban setting. By inviting us inside the apartment door, the lived experiences are humanized and as we learn the intricacies we build empathy, compassion and a deeper understanding.The message of the book is delivered in an accessible, age appropriate and funny way. While we read the stories we have the opportunity to affirm as well as expand our experiences. This book shows us the ongoing hardships of the pandemic but also the beautiful strengths of a community through connections that are built. We are given the opportunity and space to make sense of our experiences by providing accessible language and examples. A very timely book, that is responsive, relevant and contextual for our current circumstances.

Favourite Quotes:

"It scared Conner to think that the "now normal" might just become "normal."

While they ate, they talked about how lucky they were. Mom was still working. They had an affordable place to live even though it was a bit cramped. They were healthy and if anything did happen, there was a good hospital across the street."

(Adderson, page 81)


"Not everybody was unhappy about staying home. Some of the building's residents-mainly the ones with fur, feathers of scales, who had previously spent most of the day alone-loved it."

(Adderson, page 89)


"Jessica missed her friends, too. She knew most of the kids in the building. They went to the same school-when there was a school-and played or hung out in the playground just behind the apartment building."

(Adderson, page 110-111)


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