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Please see some of my published work below! Some of my published work includes book recommendations, lesson plans, articles, reviews etc. Click on the images below to see the work.

Curriculum Writing and Lesson Plans

Annick Press Lesson Plan

Salma the Syrian Chef
Salma the Syrian Chef Lesson Plan

ETFO Curriculum Guide: Respond and Rebuild

Respond and Rebuild

TVO Power Hour of Learning

I had the incredible privilige of recording two lessons with the TVO Power Hour of Learning to support educators and students especially during remote learning. This was so special for me because as a child I grew up watching TVO kids. It was also special because I was so excited for viewers to see a teacher who looks like me! The recording of the show was a lot of work but it was such a great experience! When I watched the recording of the show with my family, it was a powerful and emotional experience because I never thought I would be on the channel I loved when I was a child. It also felt incredible to have people of all identities centered as educators for all to learn from and with.  TVO kids has so many free learning supports and activities connected to the Ontario curriculum. You can check out my two lesson below as well as other amazing resources!!

Helpful Websites:

Lesson: Activities with Friends and Family
TVO Power Hour of Learning
Lesson: We Are Special
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 11.46_edited.jpg
The Great Canadian Book Project
(TEACH Magazine, Canadian School Libraries Journal)

Link to Primary Lesson Plan 

Fast Friends

Link to Junior Lesson Plan 

Meet Willie O'Ree
ETFO Back to School Webcasts and lesson plans

Website Link

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Webcast Link

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Lesson Plan Link: Click Below 

Primary: Friendship

Junior:Citizenship, Community, Action

Intermediate: Identity and Self Esteem


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