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Ramadan Book-A-Day Resource

Welcome to the Ramadan Book-A-Day resource! I was inspired to make this resource as a way to affirm Muslim student's identities and some of their individual and collective experiences during Ramadan. Also I hope this resource can be a way to offer many dynamic and diverse 'windows' for students so we can continue to learn and grow as a community.

This resource is a list of carefully curated books that I hope will strive to represent some of the dynamic and diverse experiences of Muslims in Ramadan. I hope that this resource can be useful you for and your community in Ramadan but also during all other times of the year as well.

Download the Ramadan Book-A-Day Resource Below


This resource may only be printed for individual use.

It may not be reformatted, reprinted or shared in any other way without prior permission from the content creator, Rabia Khokhar. Thank you.

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