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Book Review: C is for Carnival

Thank you so much Yolanda T. Marshall for sending me a copy of your book to review!!

Title: C is for Carnival

Author: Yolanda T. Marshall

Author Contact Information:

Illustrator: Daria Lavrova

Book Category: Picture Book

Age Group: All ages

Themes: Carnival, Community, Family, Diversity, Culture, Celebrations, Inclusion, Identity


An A to Z rhyming alphabet book that celebrates the Caribbean Carnival. Each letter teaches us something special about and associated with the Caribbean Carnival. The words and illustrations show us the beauty of the festivale. We can feel the importance of family and community during this time. The glossary of words at the back is very helpful for readers to learn more. The inclusion of the Roti recipe looks delicious!


This is a beautiful book with an important message of inclusion and celebration that is so needed right now. I love that it opens with such vibrant and festive colours that really draws the reader in. The colours are bright yet soft and gentle. The captivating words and illustrations show us the heart of the North American Caribbean Cultural Event with gorgeous representation and intricate details. It is an essential book for children to have their identities and experiences affirmed as well for others to expand and learn more. We, the readers are taken into the carnival, feel the energy and learn about the history and different aspects of the carnival. This book centers authentic and diverse representation of children celebrating. Readers of all ages, identities and backgrounds are invited into the festivale, there is space and room for all! This book is a 'must have' book for all because it helps us learn more about each other, build's bridges of understanding through celebration and shows how children play a significant part in the celebration. They are the heart of the action. This book shows us Black brilliance, is a celebration of love and unity. It is so important and beautiful that it is being released on Emancipation day, August 1st! A day to celebrate freedom, identity and justice for the Black community.

Favourite Pages:


Celebrate Freedom!

Say no to discrimination and racism!

August 1st is Emancipation Day. Give Thanks to the Heroes who paved the way



Bask in love and the beauty of diversity!

Laugh and live in festive harmony!

Invite everybody to feel the affectionate, Caribbean energy!



Whether you say curry chicken or chicken curry,

We will eat this stew with a fluffy roti

Try the oxtail stew, rice and peas, corn soup bakes and beef patties

Lets fill our bellies


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