Listed below are the many different services offered. Please email to discuss and inquire about consultation packages and rates.


...Services Offered...

Equity, inclusion and diversity audits

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity audits can be done for websites, books, learning materials etc. The resources will be checked for 


where the resource will be checked with a critical equity and anti-oppressive lens. Recommendations will be made to ensure continued 

-Critically check the text, illustrations, books, websites, links to ensure they fall in line with ideas/concepts of inclusion, equity, diversity and that there is no misrepresentation


-Checking an Audit Form and providing 1-2 paragraphs of comments

speaking engagements/ Workshops

Equity coaching

Equity Coaching can be done one on one or in a group. The approach to this service is flexible and based on the needs and goals of the individual/group. Together we can create short and long term goals and a plan of action.

...Coming Soon...

equity sensitivity readings

Book reviews

context specific curated booklists

Curriculum writing and development