Rabia Teaches: Education and Equity Consultation Services​
Services Offered

*Listed below are the different services offered. We are always open to collaborating on services that are most responsive for you.
Please email rabia91k@gmail.com to discuss and inquire about consultation packages, session details and our rates.  We look forward to working with you!

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Audits

An Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Audit allows us to  look at texts, websites, books, illustrations, links etc.  critically and closely to see the messages they communicate. In this service, an Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Audit Framework and checklist is used to write a review with specific comments to support the client and their work.

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Book Reviews

Book Reviews allow us to carefully read and review a book/resource through an equity lens. In this service, a comprehensive book review is provided to the client.

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Equity Sensitivity Readings

Equity Sensitivity Book Readings and Reviews allow for critical and careful close examination of the text and illustrations of a book/resource.

In this service, a comprehensive equity sensitivity book review is provided to the client with next steps in terms of equity issues such a representation and inclusion etc.


Speaking  Engagements

Speaking Engagements include speeches, panel discussions, moderating events etc.


Professional Developments for Educators

Interactive Professional Development Workshops for K-12 Educators/ Professionals focused on a wide range of equity, anti-oppression and literacy topics. Each workshop is around 1.5-2 hours in length with specific resources.  Please email for specific session descriptions, rates, available dates and times.


Workshops Being Offered Currently:

-From Kindness to Anti-Racism: Centering Identity and Critical Consciousness for Critical Teaching

-Moving Beyond the Booklist: Critical Resource Selection with an Equity Stance

-Building Equitable and Identity Affirming Learning Spaces

-Teaching English as a Second Language Learners with an Equity and Anti-Oppressive Stance

-Teaching Literacy with an Equity and Anti-Oppressive Stance

-Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy and Teaching in a Racially Homogenous School Community

-Stories Can Change the World: Using Stories to Counter Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate

-Book Collection Weeding is an Equity Issue

-On Representing the Community: A Step by Step Approach for Curating a Relevant and Responsive Book Collection

-Equity and Anti-Oppressive Leadership: Why and How?


Educational Equity Coaching

Equity Coaching is a flexible approach (individual, group, ongoing or one time basis) to support the client's goals. In this service, we will create short and long term goals to build a plan of action for equity in education.


Resource Development and Curated Booklists

Building relevant and responsive booklists is one of the ways we can ensure equity and inclusion.

In this service, we will work together to learn about your school context, student's identities and lived experiences to build a booklist that is relevant and meaningful for your school community. Various booklist options available. Some examples include: 50, 100, 150, 200 etc. recommended titles.

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Curriculum Writing and Development

In this service, we offer curriculum writing and development for a variety of subject areas and projects. Let's work together to create relevant and responsive curriculum materials.


Workshops for Students

Interactive workshops on a wide range of issues and topics for students in K-Grade 12.  The time frame is flexible and can be from 30-60 minutes per speaking engagement/workshop.

Example topics:

-What is Identity? How does it Shape our Experiences?

-What is a Teacher 'supposed' to look like?

-Being a Multilingual Speaker is Cool!

-Who are Muslims? Celebrating Muslim Identities


Let's Collaborate!

We are open and excited to work and collaborate with you! Please feel free to email and reach out with your ideas around collaboration.