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Back to School Books Posters

Happy Back to School!

This is an exciting time of new beginnings, growth, hope and possibility.

This is a great time of the school year to set a foundation based on respect, inclusion, equity, understanding and relationships with the students and families we serve. Books are an essential element of our classrooms and they can be one of the ways we strive to build intentional and inclusive spaces.

Books are powerful because they can affirm and expand student's identities and lived experiences. When we display, read and use books to springboard into relevant and responsive discussions and learning opportunities, they impact our students in multiple ways. In this resource, you will find some book recommendation for some important themes that must be reinforced throughout the school year. The themes that have been centered in the curation of the back to school books poster are, friendship, belonging, community, self-esteem, family, new beginnings, feelings, justice and being yourself. I hope that these can be starting places for continued deep conversations and work.


Download the Back to School Books Posters Below


This resource may only be printed for individual use.

It may not be reformatted, reprinted or shared in any other way without prior permission from the content creator, Rabia Khokhar. Thank you.

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