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Critical Content Analysis Resource Selection Toolkit

I am very interested in critical resource selection. I believe this practice supports our work towards ensuring equity and inclusion. As well, as paying close attention to issues of representation. My resource selection work is informed by many who have and continue to do this important work. I am passionate about the work of Professor Rudine Sim Bishop's concept of window, mirror and sliding glass door books. As well as the theory of content analysis which is paying close attention to the 'content' of the resources and books we are sharing with students. The checklists that I have created come out largely from my research and work as a Master's of Education student studying issues of representation in children's literature.

Anti-Racism Checklist/Toolkit:

The Anti-Racism checklist is created as a tool to support our work to ensure our resources are free from racial assumptions and stereotypes. The resource is a starting point and has questions and prompts to support our own critical thinking.  Race is not a separate category in the checklist because the hope is that it is a perspective and lens that runs through the entire checklist, it is to be embed in all categories.

I was inspired to think critically about Anti-Racism from the works of many scholars especially Endid Lee from the Book, Rethinking our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice Volume 1.

Anti-Racism is as defined by Endid Lee:

-A “Perspective”

-“Point of view that cuts across all subject areas, and addresses the histories and experiences of people who have been left out of the curriculum. It’s purpose is to help us deal equitably with all the cultural and racial differences that you find in the human family”

-“It’s also a perspective that allows us to get at explanations for why things are the way they are in terms of power relationships                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               From: Enid Lee

 Book: Rethinking our Classrooms Teaching for Equity and Justice Volume 1

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No part of this work may be reproduced,reformatted, reprinted or shared in any way without prior permission from the creator, Rabia Khokhar. Thank you.

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