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Belonging Books Bingo Guide

Belonging is an important theme and concept to consider as we work towards creating equitable learning spaces. Belonging is about being welcomed and included for all parts of who we are in the spaces we occupy. It is important to consider which identity groups have always found belonging in the spaces they occupy and the reasons why. We also need to critically consider why people may not feel a sense of belonging in a space and the individual and the systemic reasons that impact their experiences.


Books can help us foster a sense of belonging in our learning spaces. They can help us represent local and broader communities while building a sense of community. They can help us imagine and model what we want communities that center and respect all people and experiences look, sound and feel like. The examples in the books can help us work towards sustainable change in our own communities.

This Belonging Books Bingo Guide can be a fun an engaging way to bring this concept in tangible and accessible ways to our students of all age groups. Each book can help students consider what belonging looks, sounds and feels like. They can be supported to consider how their actions impact themselves and others.

Download the Belonging Books Bingo Guide Resource Below


This resource may only be printed for individual use.

It may not be reformatted, reprinted or shared in any other way without prior permission from the content creator, Rabia Khokhar. Thank you.

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