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"Rabia, I just wanted to express my most sincerest gratitude for the learning journey you have taken me on. I appreciate all the time that you took into preparing the slideshows, gathering the resources, and sharing your passion for equity. To say that I’ve learned so much is an understatement. Aligning all the learning to our goals in relation to each session and the overall learning experience made the learning relevant to me, and my school. Equity is always something I felt drawn to and wanted to explore, but I honestly did not know where to start. You made the learning and the application tangible and reminded me that I am already doing some of the work in my classroom and my school. Sharing your experiences and guiding me into moving from equity theory to actual practice is something that I’m going to take with me as I continue on my learning journey. I sincerely appreciate the meaningful dialogue, the guiding questions and prompts, the encouragement to reflect on myself as an educator, and critical thinker. I take these all with me as I move forward as learner, an educator and as an advocate for equity and social justice. You truly inspire me to be better and do better! Thank you so much!!"

-Angie Braiantsis, York Region School Board Teacher

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