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FALL into a Good Book

Happy Fall!!

One of the ways we can truly work towards meaningful and sustainable equity in our resource collection is to ensure that people of intersectional identities are represented during all times of the year in all experiences, genres, categories etc.

In this resource, I wanted to think critically about 'Fall experiences'. Fall is a time that reminds us of change, growth, family, community, learning, remembering the past and building a more fair future etc.

I wanted to think critically about the types of experiences that are often represented during this time period and I wanted to expand our thinking about these experiences and consider 'who' is engaging in them. The intentional book choices below, I hope will help us center all identities and voices in what we consider to be 'Fall experiences'. May we always share and curate in an intentional way so that all of our students see themselves all times of the year and in all experiences.


-Rabia Khokhar

Morgan James, NY

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