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Re-Building Classroom Community
Pocket Sized Guide of Book Recommendations

As we go back to school after the Winter Break, one of the most important things we will need to do is to re-establish a sense of community in our schools, classrooms and speciality subject areas.


Community is at the heart of teaching and learning. Our students come to school to be seen, heard, affirmed and validated. Creating spaces of belonging through community ensures that we are actively and intentionally working to create safe spaces for all of our students and their families.


Books are one of the key tools that can help us work to re-establish a sense of community. Books say:


"I see you"

"I want to learn more about you"

"In this space you are valued and welcomed"

Books are one of the tools that can show us what inclusive communities look, sound and feel like in various contexts and spaces.


I hope the below book recommendations in this pocket sized guide can help us continue to do the important work of building and re-building community together.

Download the Pocket Sized Guide of Book Recommendations Below


This resource may only be printed for individual use.

It may not be reformatted, reprinted or shared in any other way without prior permission from the content creator, Rabia Khokhar.

  Thank you.

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