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Rabia Teaches: Education and Equity Consultation Services

My Approach to my Consulting Services:

I am interested in providing consulting services with an equity, anti-racist, anti-oppression lens and framework. My work is focused on bringing equity theory into practice in a tangible, practical and accessible way into a variety of spaces such as in classrooms, professional development with educators, children's literature industry, curriculum writing and school planning.

My work and content strives to center and take into consideration diverse lived realities and experiences. As well as, learning about and investigating how specific contexts impact experiences. My work strives to develop critical consciousness through paying close attention to theories and frameworks like Intersectionality, Critical race theory, Content analysis, Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy, Social Justice, Human Rights and Issues of Representation.

I am interested in supporting individuals and groups in planning, working towards and achieving their short and long term ideas and goals. 

Please fill out the form below or email to learn more about consulting packages and how I can best support you. 

I am looking forward to working with you! Working towards equity in all fields and spaces is about working towards creating spaces where all people are acknowledged, respected and find belonging. It is about creating and maintaining respectful relationships. 

-Rabia Khokhar

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"What did I know about oppression if I read about it in a classroom? Why was what I saw as a ‘revolutionary education’ distancing me from my family? I realized that there was no point in knowing the language of social justice if I couldn't communicate with it to those closest to me"

-Rebecca John

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