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Reading Challenges: 

Reading Challenge: Centering Muslim Characters

Books can help us affirm and expand experiences. There are so many amazing books being published that center and include Muslim characters authentically and accurately. This reading challenge is not a comprehensive list but just a way to share some of these amazing books. I believe to really move towards dignity, respect and justice for people of all identities in our world all people need to be represented all the time. 

I hope that you will engage in this reading challenge in various ways. I would love to see the many different ways that you choose to bring this reading challenge to life in the many spaces that you occupy.

Please feel free to print a copy for yourself, your children, students and your classroom.


If you would like to use this reading challenge for any other purpose please email me at



This resource may only be printed for individual use.

It may not be reproduced,reformatted, reprinted or shared in any other way without prior permission from the creator,  Rabia Khokhar. Thank you.

Reading Challenge goes Viral Internationally!
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